Every debt is taken through our extensive debt collection system in order to collect the largest portion of the debt that is owed as is possible. When we first receive the account for our records, we will immediately follow up with a letter of demand sent to the debtor in order to let them understand that a third party is attempting to collect the debt on behalf of your company for the services that were done for their company. The debtor then has a few options at their disposal to either pay the account in full, work out a payment plan to pay off the debt over time, or to ignore or refuse to pay the debt.


We take a look at the different companies that owe and create different approaches based on the services that were rendered, the ability for the company to pay, and research we are able to do on the industry of the business the debtor represents. Through better understanding each debtor and their industry we can create a tactful approach to contacting the debtor for the debt owed and collecting the owed debt.

Debtors that are unwilling to pay will be investigated for any legal actions that we may take against the company in order to further convince the company to pay the amount owed. In many cases there are licenses that the company must have in order to operate. Using the legal system, we can attempt to remove those licenses due to the amount owed and to help increase the debtor’s stake in the debt that is owed. When faced with a serious decision, a company is more likely to pay the amount owed for the services than ignoring the debt completely and refusing to pay it off.

This methodology is a tried and true method of collection debts for digital agencies that provide services over the internet. It’s a tool at your disposal to increase total revenue by decreasing the number of account left in your delinquent accounts or accounts receivable. You can use our research to your disposal.