Progress-Based Collection

Web Credit Services is an internet marketing industry based collection agency with expertise in handling clients of internet marketing services. Collections are progress based; if there is no collection made then there is no fee involved.

Our focus is on an industry where it has become commonplace for clients to potentially decide not to pay for services that do not provide immediate results while requiring long term commitments. We focus on reviewing contracts and the services provided in order to better understand the promises made on your behalf while doing everything we can legally to collect the fees that are owed to you for providing your services.

To take advantage of our debt collection services or to learn more about what we can do for your internet marketing agency contact us either by e-mail, phone, or through the website on our contact page.

Clientele Profile Here

Here is a sampling of types of clients we assist in debt collection.

  • Reputation Management Companies
  • SEO agencies
  • Web Design firms
  • Affiliate Management
  • Social Media Optimization firms
  • PPC bid management firms
  • Web Development Companies
  • Email Marketing firms
  • Hosting companies
  • Conversion Experts
  • Application Service Providers
  • Web Analytic Firms


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